Snare wire key chain - giraffe

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Unique art pieces made from the snare wire used by poachers to illegally harvest wildlife. Something beautiful out of an act so horrible. Let’s conserve wildlife through art! 

Buy this product and help The Kainav Conservation Foundation…

The Kainav Conservation Foundation is a team of volunteers, environmental researchers and community members who conduct regular anti-snare patrols in different natural areas and reserves throughout the Gauteng Province.

The Foundation teams identify, remove and destroy any snares, traps and other equipment used to poach and illegally harvest wildlife and plants. If an animal is found alive in a snare or trap, the team works closely with conservation officials and veterinarians to free and/or care for the injured animals.

Confiscated snares and traps are used to teach local communities and other members of the public about poaching and the importance of a healthy environment